Monday, December 17, 2012

Junkion Blacksmith's Blaster

 "jazz to the moon base 2! jazz to the moon base 2!" hehe... sorry, can't help it with that Jazz voices whenever i'm playing around with the Autobot Jazz figure. but, nope. this time review is not about that super-cool-autobot-dude, but rather than the bots' communication officer, Blaster.

just bought this one over the weekend (after selling my device label's Blaster - deluxe figure - since can't wait to get his replacement in form of Fall of Cybertron version later end month) this Junkion Blacksmith's BLASTER at amcorpmall. why? its mainly cuz i need his radio-mode to be displayed with rest of my G1 homage collection. tought it wod b kinda cool tho, n yes it did! hehe..actually did try to find back those of world smallest (WST) version, but then it'll cost me like double/ triple the price from this one. oh, wut the heck, enjoy having this one small figurine too!

tried to match it with TF deluxe figure, n by pairing Blaster with non other than the music lover bots, Jazz, tink it'd match juz perfectly well as his (Jazz) boombox :)

verdict, juz spend few extra ringgits from ur pockets for this one really kinda cool ideas, n tink i wana kept it long enough in the collection then...tune over to the bots' voice!!!

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