Monday, May 13, 2013

Generations Springer n' Sandstorm~

juz recently managed to get my hands on the new Generations' Autobot Springer (by Hasbro) n' yet to be open at my room desk, Hasbro once again made me rejoice by revealing news n tease a new official photos of Autobot Sandstorm! yup. i can see my wreckers team mates slowly (or perhaps soon) gonna complete!

herewith i'd gather the photos for comparison :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

MP Prowl n' Silverstreak are comin'~

it's been awhile since im writin' such of those MP's. n' boy-oo-boy, wut a great morning news when i browse thru my fav' TF source ( and ) updates on the extra accessories for both MP17 Prowl n' MP18 Silverstreak do comes with extra G1 accurates shoulder blaster! even tho' Prowl might not need of shoulder blaster n' both of the extra ones do infact been tag only as Amazon xclusives, yet, i'm sure by time they reached our M'sian local toyshop it do comes together then...hehe (cross-fingers!) followin' the traits of MP12 Sideswipe/ Lambor that been packaging together with the exslucive pile-driver n' MP13 Soundwave with his energon cube (yup, i got those extra two indeed).

i do compile a lil'bit of the photos here...njoy!~

artcard of Prowl n' Silverstreak (middle here is Bluestreak - same name - n' far left only found the boxset art over the internet)

MP18 Silverstreak - on left is the normal shoulder blaster version n' on right is the Amazon xclusive ones

 MP17 Prowl - on left is the Amazon xclusive's, top right is the normal version n' bottom right is pix both of 'em in the G1 cartoon for references :)

below is the Henkei's version...which by the way, already set a standard of one of the very best G1 homage figure lines

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mech Ideas's Geminus & Apex~

my Wreckers team got two new team-members! (hooorahhhh!) it's Twintwist n' Topspin from the Mech Ideas: Demolition Crew's series of Geminus (Twintwist) n' Apex (Topspin). 

the packaging look very neat n' tink itsa best basic packaging ever. 3-panel for easy inspection if u wana buy on da market shelves, clear bios n' most importantly easy to open n' wrap it (figure) back whenever u wana kept it in storage.

think it's more towards the current IDW's design, yet, the G1 feel is certainly not lost here both in the vehicle/alternate-mode n' robot's of coz.

front view

rear n' side views

bottom view - solid indeed n' which by the way had a neat way to kept storage the "demolition" hammer (detachable on the hammer' head n' its handle) whenever in it's alternate-mode

in robot-mode

front view - different head mold (of coz) n' shoulders; backpack of wings for Topspin n' drill for Twintwist; apart from reversed color (brilliant blue color indeed) for both figures. any comments on this? nahh..all seems perfect-to!!

side view

back view

top view

again, they (Mech Ideas) made us easier to store all the weapons in the robot-mode, whereas, both guns can be placed at the bottom back of figures - just require to expand a lil' bit of both figure backpack - n' as for the hammer, just detached it again to its 3-piece separately n' attached to any of its arm.

wut i like most it the figure articulation, which happend i'd try my best to summarized it here then :) fully articulated n' served all the poses i had in mind - that meant very very good!

lastly, the size comparison to Magnus (Fansproject's) n' Kup (Hasbro's). cool!

the lil' galleries... 

the art card...

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Wreckers~

from left: Blurr, Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Kup, Leadfoot, Broadside, Hot Rod, Guzzle, Springer (team leader), Inferno & Drift

recent addition of FansProject's the Assaulter aka Broadside to my Wreckers team. so here it is my line-up so far..hehe..hunting (n' customizin') down all the other team mates rite now...hihi... n' oh, will update the Broadside review in few days then. all material ready, juz need time to text it...

nway, my hit list for the team members so far...

  • impactor
  • twin twist
  • topspin
  • whirl - custom in progress -
  • roadbuster
  • rack n' ruin - seriously have not idea where to get it or how to build it -
  • springer - done -
  • broadside - done -
  • sandstorm
  • inferno - done -
  • scoop
  • kup - done -
  • ironfist
  • guzzle - done -
  • rotorstorm
  • pyro - custom in progress -
  • perceptor - done -
  • drift - done -
  • ultra magnus - done -
  • blurr - done -
  • hot rod - done -
  • leadfoot - done -

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hulk Smash!!!~

it's been so long since haulin' a figure (other than TF's)...this MU's Hulk really impressed me that much! for 3 3/4" it packed so much articulation, detailed sculpt-wise n' indeed really a HULK-SMASH!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year 2013~

wishing a happy new year 2013 to all toy figures & TF collectors! 
indeed 2013 will bring lotsa more goodness of Autobots and Decepticons alike...hihi...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Junkion Blacksmith's Blaster

 "jazz to the moon base 2! jazz to the moon base 2!" hehe... sorry, can't help it with that Jazz voices whenever i'm playing around with the Autobot Jazz figure. but, nope. this time review is not about that super-cool-autobot-dude, but rather than the bots' communication officer, Blaster.

just bought this one over the weekend (after selling my device label's Blaster - deluxe figure - since can't wait to get his replacement in form of Fall of Cybertron version later end month) this Junkion Blacksmith's BLASTER at amcorpmall. why? its mainly cuz i need his radio-mode to be displayed with rest of my G1 homage collection. tought it wod b kinda cool tho, n yes it did! hehe..actually did try to find back those of world smallest (WST) version, but then it'll cost me like double/ triple the price from this one. oh, wut the heck, enjoy having this one small figurine too!

tried to match it with TF deluxe figure, n by pairing Blaster with non other than the music lover bots, Jazz, tink it'd match juz perfectly well as his (Jazz) boombox :)

verdict, juz spend few extra ringgits from ur pockets for this one really kinda cool ideas, n tink i wana kept it long enough in the collection then...tune over to the bots' voice!!!

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