Friday, March 16, 2012

LEGO 2012 for superheroes!

scanned copy of LEGO 2012 (January - June) catalogue for the upcomin' DC Superheroes & Marvel Superheroes series!!! wehoooo! cute!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MP12 just been announced!!!

Really to hear da news that the next TF: Masterpiece (MP) series gonna be the Sideswipe MP12 ..!!! wehoooo! They (takara/ Hasbro) just recently announced the plan at the Cybertroncon convention, USS. Actually im kind tired of news da same character been produced over n’ over again (seekers, BB, etc.), so this one really a refreshing one! Kudos!

but anyway, im betting next they gonna produced a re-paint works for the Sunstreaker n' Red Alert at very least. haha. just hoping there's a new detail head-sculpt, some different accessories (blaster, etc.) n' perhaps continue the way they make da difference between all characters using same mold as per Henkei series.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fleemarket on Sunday is alwaz a gud-day!

Last weekend Sunday did join my frenz ( ) over toy-sales at Amcorpmall (PJ) fleemarket. Wokeup kinda early as did wana get there setup all things by 10am then. It’s been quite awhile since im active meself selling my stuffs atda fleemarket tho, juz remembered way back then, it’s almost every weekend me n my frenz lepak-ing there. Hehe.

Join by Amuro, Imran, Jinrai, Boyarque, Masarusan n' Zodie for the sales booth. While lotsa other frenz also hanging out with us, namely, Hajime, Din, Rezza, Zukazini n’ Ijam juz to name few…and later inda evening, sweet-wifey of mine, Einy also accompany me thru-out da evening there (thanx dear)!

Yup, splendid sales we had there, whereas for those who might interested to venture into action figures/ toys world, think Amcorpmall’s fleemarket definitely a place to visit (Sunday) whenever u are in Klang Valley areas then!

Oh ya, thanks to Amuro for bringing his new Transformers:Prime Cyberverse ‘s figures for us to review it. (but due to laziness n’ busy-ness I’d juz take few photos of it) hehe…

N’ also, both my fren Amuro n’ Imran gave me my (belated) b’day present, both in a form of Cliffjumper! (hoorahh!!!) one from TF: Prime n’ another is from previous video-game based War On Cybertron’s. thanks guys!!!

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