Thursday, March 21, 2013

MP Prowl n' Silverstreak are comin'~

it's been awhile since im writin' such of those MP's. n' boy-oo-boy, wut a great morning news when i browse thru my fav' TF source ( and ) updates on the extra accessories for both MP17 Prowl n' MP18 Silverstreak do comes with extra G1 accurates shoulder blaster! even tho' Prowl might not need of shoulder blaster n' both of the extra ones do infact been tag only as Amazon xclusives, yet, i'm sure by time they reached our M'sian local toyshop it do comes together then...hehe (cross-fingers!) followin' the traits of MP12 Sideswipe/ Lambor that been packaging together with the exslucive pile-driver n' MP13 Soundwave with his energon cube (yup, i got those extra two indeed).

i do compile a lil'bit of the photos here...njoy!~

artcard of Prowl n' Silverstreak (middle here is Bluestreak - same name - n' far left only found the boxset art over the internet)

MP18 Silverstreak - on left is the normal shoulder blaster version n' on right is the Amazon xclusive ones

 MP17 Prowl - on left is the Amazon xclusive's, top right is the normal version n' bottom right is pix both of 'em in the G1 cartoon for references :)

below is the Henkei's version...which by the way, already set a standard of one of the very best G1 homage figure lines
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