Friday, April 13, 2012

MP10's Optimus Prime second take!

just another photo-set im taken over the weekend of the great MP10 - Optimus Prime. too bad, the in-stock MP11 - Starscream kinda over-price for me...sighh...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ultimates Avengers 3.75" & Kre-O Battleship in-store!!!

walking wif' wifey to the Sunway Piramid's Toys r'Us last weekend. juz it interest me to see that TRU's already bring-in the Avengers' toyline. n wut most is that there's plenty of 3.75" Ultimate Thor n' Ultimate Hawkeye from the Marvel Ultimate-verse! selling for retail price RM 42.90/ea.

apart from that, never knew that Hasbro also made a Kre-O version of the movie Battleship ..? expanding from their Transformers franchise for sure, eh...

Slugfest inbetween Soundblaster and Autobot Blaster???

how hepie im late lastwik as finally i get to complete my colection for the encore (basic) cassette! yup! da missing piece wuz dat of Slugfest (from encore 17), since last time i felt like didnt need this small dino inda decep's team. but then, after awhile back then, im looking for it everywhere (with reasonable price) thinkin' "oh heck! tink lastime this thing is one of da unwanted one (by many), rite?"

moral of the story: never leave (buy) anything that u'll regret later on to complete ur collection.... even if its juz a green-dino... *sighh*

next...itsa duel of the deceps n' bots' cassette..!!!

on one corner...autobot's Blaster & team (eject, rewind, ramhorn, steeljaw)

and on the other its decepticon's Soundblaster (i wish i had the Soundwave version..hehee..) & team (ratbat, slugfest, laserbeak, buzzsaw, frenzy, rumble, overkill)

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