Thursday, June 17, 2010

Silver Surfer

under the Marvel Icons's line manufactured by Hasbro. think this one produced back last 2 years ago. still, a much sought-after figure, cuz of nice chrome color n of cuz one of da significant Marvel universe character. downside is that even tho it fall under 12"inch figure, somehow da figure scale doesn't realy upto dat banner. kinda small, compared to other MI's n' 12"inch figures inda market... nway, yet. worth to spend ur $$$ hunting fer this one.

HotToy's TONY STARK (IRONMAN) mech test vers.

~ brilliant 1/6 scaled figure from HT, which i like it so much! facial expression of Robert Downey Jr.really been captured in his head sculpt here. and wif' all da gadgets, wires n base-scene. one must have!
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