Monday, December 17, 2012

Junkion Blacksmith's Blaster

 "jazz to the moon base 2! jazz to the moon base 2!" hehe... sorry, can't help it with that Jazz voices whenever i'm playing around with the Autobot Jazz figure. but, nope. this time review is not about that super-cool-autobot-dude, but rather than the bots' communication officer, Blaster.

just bought this one over the weekend (after selling my device label's Blaster - deluxe figure - since can't wait to get his replacement in form of Fall of Cybertron version later end month) this Junkion Blacksmith's BLASTER at amcorpmall. why? its mainly cuz i need his radio-mode to be displayed with rest of my G1 homage collection. tought it wod b kinda cool tho, n yes it did! hehe..actually did try to find back those of world smallest (WST) version, but then it'll cost me like double/ triple the price from this one. oh, wut the heck, enjoy having this one small figurine too!

tried to match it with TF deluxe figure, n by pairing Blaster with non other than the music lover bots, Jazz, tink it'd match juz perfectly well as his (Jazz) boombox :)

verdict, juz spend few extra ringgits from ur pockets for this one really kinda cool ideas, n tink i wana kept it long enough in the collection then...tune over to the bots' voice!!!

upcoming Uranos aka Arielbots's Superion

today juz open the TF-realated website n' the much anticipated  TFC's Uranos project aka Aerialbot's Superion finally revealed all their individual figures! Silverbolt seems a bit larger than the rest, but tink its acceptable as he's the leader to rest of 'em n well, a different "cargo" plane inda first place compared to rest of fighter jets.

i do like the detailing of these Uranos's figures then. and for anyone who G1 enthusiast, it surely do a-MUST in collection! so far, price offered i got is usd80 including shipping (to malaysia), so convert to msia currency is somewhat of nearly RM260/ea. not included Silverbolt, which for sure cost more then. yet, maybe wait for the set to complete then later buy, since track-record of those TFC's Hercules, there's QC issues at their first batch figure(s). for me, beter buy the later option then. SET. hehe.

below is just few pictures i'd found on the website for the Aerialbots' Superion...

ol' cartoon group of Aerialbots - (from left) Slingshot, Skydive, Silverbolt, Air Raid & Fireflight

Superion's box-art

Superion's biodata photos

and Marvel's larger than life version of 'em! haha!

best bet, there'll be many combiner gestalts after this! (Predaking - next!)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maketoys Powerglide

this Maketoys's Powerglide definitely is more to legends/ scout class group. think by time (last 2 years if not mistaken) when it'd planned to be issue out, this powerglide is to complement the legend class of Henkei's series that time (bumblebee, cliffjumper, brawn, cosmos, etc.)

part of me said, well, wut a waste to such gud design tho.

in comparison here to the other (various) minibots counterpart that in my posession, of hasbro's warpath (deluxe size), igear's seaspray (legends/ scout) & cosmos (scout). not bad side by side with seaspray n cosmos here, but to extend of with warpath... hurmm... maybe beter i get my hands (back) on the xtransbot's powerglide? (got stock with my supplier tho, rite now.. but havent got that extra budget. ha.ha.)

let's start again with basic review sequence (tink so). yup. the packaging box by maketoys here realy neat. same as the later (then now) of laser prime's G2 battle tanker box formatte. this powerglide do come in a set of (hard to get nowadays) Seaspray - which totally a legends class - n' shared same manual instruction sheet together (already on sale in just a day n someone asking for it to be reserved. cool)

as for its alternate mode, yup, it certainly do reflect its G1 looks with same not too bright red color. the transformation sequence quite flimsy tho, whereas both the cockpit n' the middle part of the jet can't seems to be in-tact properly :( there's a gap between both connection points. rest of it juz look nice.

robot-mode, all i can say is maketoys did a splendid job on its design. other than that xtransbot one can be open powerglide chest to reveal his "heart" n weapon storage, this one (maketoys) did justice on its articulation-wise, looks n' playability...

verdict: its really (i really meant it) rare nowadays, lucky enog to won a sole ebay auction from UK to get my hand on this powerglide. so whenever u encounter on such auction or saw him at any toyshop, beter still spend your money on it - either on personal collection or investment (later on) - cuz it is cute enog, got lotsa articulation even tho small in size, QC really gud n' had simple yet best transformation (other than that defect's mention earlier on - myb its juz mine unit tho..)

Art Feather's Bumblebee

im really into those of G1 homage for my transformers collection. official (takara/ hasbro) or not (3rd party), hunting (haul) 'em down really made me feel gud about it. latest get my hand on is these deluxe class Bumblebee from Art Feathers, just another new 3rd party production house. ok, less words, more pictures since im not that gud to write about something. ha.ha.ha.

in comparison here is its beautiful box-art which simply use the Autobots' logo. simple yet smart (n' big box too!)

on the inside, BB's biography n with a full panel features to tell wuts exactly (condition) inside of the figure n accessories indeed.

paired with Dr.Wu's partners set (of Spike n Sparkplug), its vehicle mode definitely a strong point why collectors should get this BB indeed - yup, a classic volkswagen beetle! to such extend, they (art feathers) did made its rear mirror do reflect images just like a mirror should be then. nice touch!

all connections do intact well enough. no such joint/ surface uneven. juz that both front wheels kinda tight to be roll. factory defect mybe?

as for its robot-mode, the cool gimmick this one BB pack with is that the door on his arm can be removed to actually reflect his ol' G1 cartoon counterpart. rest of his transformation is same as the henkei/ classic/ RTS/ united's ones, except back of his hood can't seems to be intact properly due to the chrome bumper. oh ya, speaking of chrome parts, yup, here got lotsa it! from bumper, to window frame to headlight n wheel-rims, its another add-on point to this 3rd party figure. n its bright yellow color is so nice just to mentioned it.

wut additional features i'd wish is that maybe they (art feathers) in a way could add extra joints at the front wheels so that it could be snap/ push to the bottom of his feat, which would provide more accurate G1 looks.

the set comes with 2x pairs of extra hands (open right palm n' peace-sign on its left), a blaster, Spike Witwicky figure (non-articulated) n toolbox. got lotsa sticker decos also but the sticker set is someone not very "premium" in my opinion. that's why i'd rather applied this reprolabel's one on his chest n boot.

in comparison with Masterpiece' Optimus Prime (MP10)..yup... it seems in scale for sure.

and now, in comparison with rest of the 'bot group!

verdict: well, totally worth it every cents! from its box packaging, accessories, cool gimmick here n there, but minus lil' defect works, think every G1 collector should have this guy, uptill maybe takara/hasbro finally made a MP version of him (BB)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Inflation rate taken its tolls... on TF~

Happen to buy one the the newly release TF figure labelled as the size of deluxe-class. It is very interestin' to find juz how much it differs from previous (best) release of all deluxe's. apart from that the plastic more-like less quality tho. thin in fact.

but all the while, thumb-up side is that (for example- this Falls of Cybertron's JAZZ) had major details on his body surfaces reflectin' his circuits, pistons n' all (sorry lazy to take photo here.haha)

note: if felt wana meshed together all the G1 homage collection (united, henkei, classic, universe, etc.) with the upcomin' FOC's one, well, beter not! FOC-bots would look midget. hehe.
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