Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BTS-05 MINIONS - Transformers Frenzy + Rumble

right now, im taking Pre-Order (PO) for another 3rd Party Transformers makers, the BTS-05 Minions's Tremor (Rumble) + Frequenzy (Frenzy) box set! it is the size of ol' G1 frenzy+rumble cassette formatte in both its robot and alternate-mode. suits well with the G1 Soundwave, newly launch Sonicron and also the Music Label's Soundwave!

both figure in a boxset only cost (excl. shipping) RM110 ...! hurry!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World Smallest Transformers (WST) for sale

Just about to sell my collection of this World Smallest Transformers (WST), I did snap few photos as a memorabilia for my collection. Who know someday I might look back and said, “so this is wut I had last time (ago)”. Hehe… with a background of the Metroplex city, I do really enjoy it much for the photo-session last weekend at my dining bar-table.

Anyway, among the (remaining) WST figures to be sell loose are:

TF: WST Optimus Prime (takara) c/w trailer, roller, blaster loose complete RM100
TF: WST Bumblebee (takara) loose RM90
TF: WST Prowl (takara) loose complete RM70
TF: WST Red Alert (takara) loose complete RM70
TF: WST Sideswipe (takara) loose complete RM70
TF: WST Ultra Magnus (takara) repaint from Optimus Prime c/w blaster loose RM40
TF: WST Thrust (takara) loose, without hands, with manual rm25
TF: WST Nemesis Prime (KO) c/w blaster loose RM40

do let me know if u need any then ;)

Transformers WHEELIE xTransbots C-80 Survivalist (for sale)

Many may or (rather) may not known this 3rd party CHMS’s existence of Transformers xTransbots WHEELIE , dubbed the C-80 Supperalloy Survivalist, which depicted its original G1 character reference. Really a cool figure indeed, both for my Masterpiece (MP) collections n’ rather also suits well in the modern days United Henkei Generations, etc. Transformers figures, because this Wheelie is just slightly lower than the standard deluxe-class’ ones! Hey, he is an autobot-kid kindalike, rite? Heh.

A solid nearly 75% of its overall body part is die-cast, whereas feat. a rubber-tire on all 4 wheels of it. It do comes with a neat packaging box, inserted in clam-shelf plastic inside it, got full-color manual sheet/ mini poster, plus 2x character biocards, one with a translucent version of it. Oh! Since da figure doesn’t come with pre-printed Autobot-symbols, it also do included one heck of varies sizes of both Autobots/ Decepticons insignia transparent stickers (apart form other extra Wheelie-Survivalist theme stickers)! So one could deco it freely as u would, or juz give it to ur other bots’ figure whom need it then. Hehe…

The figure quite heavy in its size, which made it stable enough to be pose, as also it nearly feat. great point of articulations in all. If ask wut this figure lack of? I did just say it doesn’t come with his slingshot, with some source said that only can get it through purchase of their (CHMS) Powerglide figure. Talks about market strategy, huh? Hee…

Herewith few of da photos I managed to shoot lastnite, together with rest of my MP’s collection. Think I’ll try to pose this Wheelie together with rest of the Deluxe/ Voyager-class bots, next!

Got a limited supply of it. Each would cost RM210. So if you’re interested, please let me know. Oh, n’ if ur required it to be posted, estimated a postlaju extra of RM10 for Peninsular then. COD, free around Amcorpmall, Kota Damansara n’ Kelana Jaya.

see ya then...!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

new Marvel Universe comic pack set in our Malaysia's toy-store

Just saw this new batch of Marvel Universe’s comic packs sell at our Malaysian shore toy store the Toys R’ Us, One Utama last weekend. It’s the Wolverine vs. Sabretooth set and Cyclops & Marvel Girl set, both been sell at price-tag of RM99.95 (approx. USD 33+) …!!! So hefty price-tag indeed!!!

Plus, also, there’s also no any comic included in the package? That’s really weird, tho. Supposed this is “the” comic packs set, right? Is this an official product?

D’uhh! Skipped this one, you must! Haha!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hottoys 's SPIDER-MAN for my birthday!

Just celebrated my 30th birthday last Saturday, n’ apart from warm birthday wishes n’ diner setup by my wondrous and lovely wifey-einy, she also gave me a birthday present in a form of “courtesy of ur friendly neighborhood” - Hottoys’ SPIDER-MAN …!!! Hoorahhhhh…!

Web-swinggg!!! i really luv the figure details n’ all, n’ for the fact that I’d really into the movie-franchise and the character since my teen-hood, this one figure really be a memorable one’s (note: again, came from my loved one indeed – thanks so much darling!) love it so much!

Will spend time snapping more photo images of it soon~*

Friday, February 10, 2012

Salute the Transformers... the Pretenders ...!

You’re knight in shining armour?
Rather in than out, you said
But why mostly try to hide?
Preserving tapped strength, perhaps
Muscle-up your plan
Comfort in new circuits?
Or lack of security?
Hmmm… tell bumblebee that (to the face!)
Metal knight in shining armour
Yes, you are
Yup, it is you I am talking about
Me, Grimlock understand not
Me, Grimlock King!
Me, Grimlcok Pretenders!
King Pretenders!
(aaahhh.. shut-up!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2nd Ghost Rider Movie

GHOST RIDER: Spirits of Vengeance next week! cant wait!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DC Direct SHAZAM! for sale..!!!

another 1/6 scaled DC Direct's figure on sale from my personal collection is this SHAZAM ! figure. also a comic version of him (well, he got no any movie, right?). superbly sculpt and costume.

on sale for only RM150 then!

note: item is BIB (Back in Box), complete, gud condition (except, all his gold-chrome color on shirt n cape faded to silver color - see pix above)

DC Direct's AQUAMAN for sale...!!!

havent photoshoot much for this DC Direct 1/6 scaled AQUAMAN figure. think last time i'd its a year ago? hehe. really luv this figure. and planned to place it with the Hottoys's Superman (Reeves) and Batman (Keaton) figures. but then, think i wont buy it due to financial issues. hehe.

anyway, this figure portray the comic version of the character. but then, the way they (DC's) sculpt it really neat n' smart! to bad i have to let go it for sale.

it's RM150 without postage cost. anyone want it? :)

note: item is BIB (back in box), complete, gud condition.

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