Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mech Ideas's Geminus & Apex~

my Wreckers team got two new team-members! (hooorahhhh!) it's Twintwist n' Topspin from the Mech Ideas: Demolition Crew's series of Geminus (Twintwist) n' Apex (Topspin). 

the packaging look very neat n' tink itsa best basic packaging ever. 3-panel for easy inspection if u wana buy on da market shelves, clear bios n' most importantly easy to open n' wrap it (figure) back whenever u wana kept it in storage.

think it's more towards the current IDW's design, yet, the G1 feel is certainly not lost here both in the vehicle/alternate-mode n' robot's of coz.

front view

rear n' side views

bottom view - solid indeed n' which by the way had a neat way to kept storage the "demolition" hammer (detachable on the hammer' head n' its handle) whenever in it's alternate-mode

in robot-mode

front view - different head mold (of coz) n' shoulders; backpack of wings for Topspin n' drill for Twintwist; apart from reversed color (brilliant blue color indeed) for both figures. any comments on this? nahh..all seems perfect-to!!

side view

back view

top view

again, they (Mech Ideas) made us easier to store all the weapons in the robot-mode, whereas, both guns can be placed at the bottom back of figures - just require to expand a lil' bit of both figure backpack - n' as for the hammer, just detached it again to its 3-piece separately n' attached to any of its arm.

wut i like most it the figure articulation, which happend i'd try my best to summarized it here then :) fully articulated n' served all the poses i had in mind - that meant very very good!

lastly, the size comparison to Magnus (Fansproject's) n' Kup (Hasbro's). cool!

the lil' galleries... 

the art card...

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