Thursday, December 29, 2011

Transformers 's Kre-O already in our ( malaysia ) shore..!!!

yup! it's officially the Hasbro's Transformers: Kre-O already hit our malaysian market this week! ranging from the 1st wave series of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sentinel Prime, Ratchet, Starscream & Megatron, it can can be found throughout retailers of Toys r' Us & Parkson One Utama (went there last nite) & TRU, Bangsar Shopping Village (credit: hajime). (still, havent been to Metrojaya n' all).

also, price range from RM44.90 to RM300+...

with great (figure) display and all. bet it wod b another (G1) hit in our market!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hottoys' Scarlett Johansson's BLACK WIDOW

its been while since i bought this Hottoys's BLACK WIDOW figure. rarely posed it. yet think i wana kept it because of its beautifully sculpt n' details. nice touch HTs.

POA (point-of-articulation) are great. accessories just nice suits with her appearance in last Ironman 2 franchise movie.

then again, with upcoming Avengers (2012) movie are onda way, let's get 'em (Avengers) "Assemble!"

note: new ms.Johansson will feature BW with a new short hair-style. i like this long one most. hehe...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MP10's Prime in its Vehicle-alt-mode (preview)

lastime i'd review (pics) comparison between MP-10 Optimus Prime with rest of the other bots (their class) in robot-mode. think i'd missed to make a comparison in its vehicle-alt-mode? uhh... heee... need time to arrange few selected bots to justify sizing-range then. but anyway, here just a preview of wuts i got in mind... (hurmm..maybe tonite i'll snap pics lots of it then :D )

Monday, December 19, 2011

MITF - Malaysian International Toy Fair, Mid Valley

Held on 10 - 11th September 2011 at Mid Valley Shoppingmall, Klang Valley, this is the first time our forum committee joined one such (one of the) large toy fair in m'sia!

hehe..actually due to wedd's preparations, events and all, im nearly forgot to upload (anywhere, that is...) all da pics taken there (apologize my frenz-forumers!)

anyway, as usual in a toy fair, got lots n lotsa toy been displayed (ranging from u know wut to u dunno yet), toy gift freebie (by boyarque-bro), toy conferences (head by hajime, masarusan, amuro n boyarque) which seen a lil'bit drama n debates over few interesting issues, toy sales (other sales booth that is), etc.

itsa great two-days experiences for all of us toy-lover communities n perhaps it would get much better next year!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Art Figures' the Punisher (from Marvel movie production)

its been longtime ago since i bought this figure. 1/6 scale n only cost not more than rm350 :) tink part of it bcuz of its not officially licensed, can be seen, there's no indicate or marvel'copyright n' even da figure be named as "SAVES" instead of well, ol' Punisher aka Frank Castle.

smart n' neat packaging (even some said way cooler than those of Hottoys), plus bonus given to da detailed backdrop (of walls) given together here. oh, its fingers are wired-rubber so dat it can be bended as much as anyone could. super kewl!

herewith, im posing ol' frank bits with his included accessories of gun, pistols n knife. as for the knife, its hardly for him to get his grip on it, this stil his fingers are new, so da rubber tend to deflect back to its original open position. well, later also can adjust it.

try to depict him face-to-face with Hottoys's Blade n' Wolverine (and also Galactus???)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marvel Icons's MAGNETO for sale!

bought this Hasbro's Marvel Icons (series) of the Master of Magnetism aka MAGNETO way back when i tot of collectin' Marvel's 1/6 figures. really itsa smart(-ass) figure scuplt in total n' do justify da character based on comic book. hard to be found nowadays, i wuz wondering if ever hasbro whom hold da marvel figure franchise gona continue this 1/6 (12") figures? last they produce is the trio of collossus, phoenix n nighcrawler. guess fan deserved at least the x-men team mates to be completed tho.

hehe...anyway, i give it a call-out. wana sell this figure in loose yet complete condition for juz RM50 then. anyone interested? please let me know :)
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