Friday, November 25, 2011

i-Gear's Optimus Prime inda evening...

hehe..found this pix inside my cam photo folder, wich i tink its been taken by my nephew last few weeks. wut made me interested wuz that somehow the awkward proportion of this i-Gear's Optimus Prime remind me of da old' OP artwork back in my childhood days...! altho not much da same posed but its weird (feeling) fer sure! hehe

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MP10's Optimus Prime

one of my fren, hajime last time did asking me for a comparison between da new released Takara's MP10 Optimus Prime with other MP's (MP08 - Grimlock & MP09 - Rodimus Prime/ Hotrod) also together with rest of (recent) deluxe-class figure line. hehe..

since my other TF figures all still pack-up in boxes at my storeroom, i'd pull-out juz few of it which tink it do justice to da intention here :P

i'd like to note dat the Universe's KUP (Sergeant) & Blaster here wod be remark as da deluxe-class figure sizes, lil' Wheelie there (well, he is lil' bots tho) is da legend-class n included also i-gears (3rg party) mini-MP01's OP. which is, from da look at it, still i-gear's OP more suitable as prime - prime for the deluxe-class figures, rite? MP10' OP here kind slightly huge tho...(same goes to MP09' rodimus too!) as for ol' Grimmy (MP08), well, he's noted as one big-bots (dino!), so sticks well wif' da rest deluxe n i-gear' OP.

here juz a bit of comparison between i-gear's n MP's (still i realy like da new MP's OP design tho. deymn smart!!!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

war for cybertron (WOC)'s OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON

happen juz finished playing both Autobots/Decepticons faction game in the last Transformers (TF) : War for Cybertron last weekend! yeah, itsa year old game, but im all hype-up to finish playing it on my WII console due to the newly announced of its sequel game (TF: Fall of Cybertron) which will be release next year! (hooorahhh...!!!)

really felt so gud to play all my fav' characters of both the Bots and especially toward the ending of it playing as Prime against the tyrant of Tripticons and also as Megatron (Meggy) defending it against autobots attack!

so, just wana shared with all few of my photoshoot of the spin-off toy-line from this game (really highly greatly recommended!)

The Autobots' leader OPTIMUS PRIME - transformed into cybertronian truck. pretty slick transformation which lotsa snappin' parts to be done. as in the bot-mode, there's an old autobots' logo atda back of him. pretty cool! (same as his counterpark Meggy). blaster also included. all i got so far is the Hasbro's version which normal red (cool red) color plastic finishes, where as the other Takara's gave a more metallic look. but hey, whereas the Cybertron was at war, tink normal descend look of him would be gud enog then.

last time there's a "clear-stock" of this Hasbro's generation OP wich shops nationwide (or least Klang Valley n' JB) sell it for only rm50 (normal RM60). as per right now, in manner of speaking, its hardly to find it sell anywhere (except in ebay's) else. so it's a MUST!

then came the arch nemesis Decepticon's leader MEGATRON - which converted into a Cybertronian' battle tank. with his huge cannon replaced both on his hand in bot-mode n' main cannon as its alternate-mode. this one also a-MUST for TF fans. solid figure, i merely cant find any parts n; view of him that i didnt like tho. so its 100% sure gud to have one! oh, face sculpt, brilliantly captured his menacing grunt look.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

G1's Guzzle......!

"im so aweeesome, rite?!"

i'd find this vers. of TF:DOTM (dark of the moon) Guzzle really interesting one, as it clearly resembled its ori G1 toys and to some extend its very core design of an autobot whom turn into battle tank, outer green color shell (tank) and inner yellowish color with blue face n also the dotm's justify its face sculpt! oh, apart from both of his hands seems like more of a crab-claw's look, im totally luv it much. and the small guns which can be combined into a hard-barrel one gun are aweeeesome! hardly seen at our malaysia's toys dept. but if u do, better grab it fast!

he play a part in the last year IDW's Last Stand of the Wreckers comic storyline, while...

... appeared to be deadly done in the 2008's transformers:animated series (non-continuity). haha.

juz wana shared it's predecessor the G1 Sparklebots toys...kind cute, aint it?

Monday, November 14, 2011

i-Gear's Sergeant KUP (2nd update)

again n' again. im really amazed with this i-Gear's KUP head (with cy-garr). its so portraying the tough autobot's drill sergeant! with nowadays u can get the TF:Universe's KUP body as low as rm45, by adding this extra head gear rm30/ea. (got two head in one box-set of rm60, thy other one is without the cy-garr - so u can shared if ur frenz if u wanted to - like i did) u can get the superbly figure in addition to ur transformers (TF) collection! hoorahhhh!!!!

next wut i need is the upcoming i-Gear's KUP + PERCEPTOR weapon set. wehooo!

haha..dem funny... (Kup in Tropic Thunder by fans)
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